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Hard-to-wash dishes made easy

15 Oct 2015

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Nine times out of ten, leftovers are a godsend. Especially on Sunday nights after a weekend spent running around with the family, or – more accurately, running around after them! But when it comes to stubborn leftovers glued to your dishes, well… it’s a whole different story. 

For many washes, there are always those plates, pots and pans that are harder to clean than others. Foods that are sticky, or that can be dried-on or baked-on, and present the biggest problems; not to mention, stained teacups. However, knowing what food types to watch out for, and ensuring that these dishes get put in the dishwasher with a quality dishwasher tablet, means not having anything to worry about when it comes to the hardest to wash foods… 

Remove the dread from doing the dishes

With its special cleaning formula that works wonders, Finish Quantum Max helps provide a brilliant clean. Adding to this quality performance is the tablets structure itself, with three vital chambers that activate when needed during each wash cycle; the unique Power Gel, the Powerball, and the powder.

Even on the worst stains, here’s how effective Finish Quantum Max can be:

Egg stains

Dried egg stains can leave you as scrambled as they are. This is because it’s almost entirely protein, which is highly resistant to cleaning products. The specialised bio-substances in Finish Quantum Max attack and help break down these proteins – so really all you need to worry about is whether you should pop down another piece of toast to mop up the excess beforehand!

Baked on foods

Lasagne, Casseroles and Pasta Bakes are always one of the hardest battles your dishwasher will have to face, as the sides of the dish heats up the food to a much higher degree than that in the middle, carbonising it as a dry, burnt on residual or crust. Finish Quantum Max has a pre-soaking action that helps to penetrate and lift even baked-on food, eliminating your need to pre-soak.

Tea stains

Ever wondered what causes those brown watermarks in a stained teacup? It’s the tannins in the tea, a plant molecule that is also used as a dye in the making of leather (hence tanning). The bleach in Finish Quantum Max works to help break down these stains or dye stains, but also contains powder detergent to ensure that your cups are left sparkling clean and looking great.

So there you have it! Next time you’re at the supermarket, remember to buy Finish Quantum Max! 

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