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Aussie Food Bloggers to Follow for Cooking Inspiration

27 Jun 2016

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Whether you’re the go-to family cook or a budding master chef, there’s no doubt you’re always on the hunt for some new food twists. Gone are the days of bringing out that dusty old cookbook or trying to decipher Grandma’s handwriting. With technology becoming a staple tool in everyday life, through myriads of apps and other programs, it’s now easier than ever to find thrilling new meal ideas. Check out these brilliant Aussie food bloggers, who are sure to ignite your culinary imagination!

Recipe Tin Eats
If you’re a fan of fast and healthy yet delicious meals, stop by This blog is absolute foodie heaven, showcasing hundreds of original recipes cooked, prepared and photographed by the site’s owner, Nagi from Sydney. Nagi’s food philosophy is to create food quickly, cleverly, and always using fresh ingredients. On her site, you will find plenty of great ideas for dinner including honey lemon chicken, Mexican shredded chicken, creamy salmon risoni, and many more.

Café Delites
Can’t get enough delicious café-style food? This next blog is definitely for you! Head over to for a huge library of insane home-made café food. The best part about this blog is that all recipes have been made to be ‘waistline friendly’, meaning you enjoy all the flavour but no (or at least a lot less) guilt! The brain behind this fantastic blog is a Melbourne-based mum, Karina. Her inspiration comes from wanting to find the perfect balance between delicious and nutritious. As Karina says, ‘life is too short for bland and boring!’ Just some of her amazing recipes include honey mustard chicken, avocado and bacon salad, sheet pan chili lime salmon, and easy slow-cooker lasagne soup.

Delicious Everyday
Being a vegetarian can come with its own hurdles, especially when trying to think of fun, new food ideas. Never fear; has you covered. Understanding the difficulty of a diet-obsessed world, Brisbane blogger Jennifer created a food blog dedicated to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes. Her recipes have been lovingly crafted to provide a satisfying meal that is full of flavour and easy on the conscience. Among the many recipes in her collection, you will find hummus flatbread pizzas, sweet potato quesadillas and cauliflower, sage and quinoa fritters, to name a few!
This blog is a fantastic place to gather ideas, try some new ingredients and generally make vegetarian cuisine more fun!

Manu’s Menu
Not to be confused with the international master chef Manu Feildel, this Italian-born Manu is just as creative and passionate about what she puts on the plate. Her blog is bursting with high-quality and authentic Italian recipes, bringing the joys of Italy right to your dining room. Manu not only provides fantastic and creative recipes; she also provides intriguing hints and tips that only Italians would know—like never using store-bought parmesan cheese in an Italian recipe!

Now residing in Sydney, you’ll find countless recipes on Manu’s blog that are all focused on flavour. Enjoy Italian grilled vegetables, eggplant and smoked scamorza risotto, sweet yoghurt burek, and much more. If you love authentic Italian cuisine, you simply cannot go past this blog!