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Holiday + Food = The Perfect Getaway.

14 Mar 2016

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The only thing better than a holiday is a holiday that revolves around delicious food! With the first school term of the year coming to a close soon, now is the perfect time to make some plans for a getaway your tastebuds will never forget. Whether you travel abroad to somewhere exotic or holiday closer to home in Queensland, a food-focused holiday is sure to leave your stomach satisfied and your mind refreshed.
Here are some top tips for making it happen.

Choosing Your Destination
When preparing a regular holiday, you would usually consider cuisine to some extent. For example, you might not travel to Bangkok if you can’t survive without western food. With a foodie holiday, the culinary specialties of a destination are more than just an important factor – they’re absolutely crucial.
What are your favourite things to eat? If you adore pasta dishes or can’t get enough teppanyaki, for instance, your ideal country might be very obvious. However, if you’re seeking a more eclectic experience, consider a destination that is famous for having a rich variety of cuisines. New York City, Singapore and London are some great examples.

Planning in Advance
Nothing can ruin a foodie getaway like a fully booked restaurant. Do some research into your destination’s venues in the lead-up to your departure date and draft a meal itinerary. If you’ve included any popular or exclusive restaurants on your agenda, it’s a great idea to book your table before you’ve even arrived. There’s no harm in getting in early, particularly if your heart is set on a specific dining experience. Most venues have online booking facilities too, so you won’t need to rack up excessive phone bills to call up and make reservations.

Understanding the Costs
Whether your budget is shoestring, extravagant or somewhere in between, it’s important to know what kind of costs you can expect during your holiday. A dish or drink that costs $5 here in Australia could cost half or twice as much in another country. Look up some menus from local venues to get an idea of prices.
At the same time, keep exchange rates in mind. Food might seem to be really cheap or expensive in the local currency, but understanding how many Australian dollars everything costs will help you track your expenses more accurately.

Consider Specialty Options
Organising a getaway is tough, especially when you want every breakfast, lunch and dinner to be perfect. If you’re finding all the preparation too time-consuming or overwhelming, you might want to consider a specialty option designed for foodies. For example, there are group tours and cruises that feature fantastic food as an essential element of their itineraries. Some cruise ships even offer menus designed by celebrity chefs.
To get an idea of what’s out there, you can check out this blog post about some of the best cruises for food lovers or this article about some of the latest foodie trends at sea. If you prefer staying on land, you can find out more about the guided culinary tour trend here.

Of course, one of the best things about dining on a holiday is that you don’t have to do any washing up. Although, when you have a dishwasher and Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, this isn’t really a problem at home anyway!

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