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Kids On Cleaning Duty

25 Jun 2017

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Kids love to have fun. From building with Legos to playing dress-ups, they can sometimes leave evidence of their fun all over the house. And because cleaning isn’t particularly fun, it can be tricky to get them to help clean up the mess.
Teach your kids to pitch in around the house with these handy tips, and who knows – you may even find your kids looking forward to cleaning time! Stranger things have happened, right?

Break tasks down

When you ask your kid to clean their room, you’ll probably be met with some moaning and groaning. Cleaning their room seems like a huge chore that will take up a lot of time they could be playing and having fun. But if you break this big task down into smaller ones, the chore suddenly seems realistic and achievable.
Instead of asking your kid to complete a big chore, give them a few simple tasks, such as making the bed, putting their toys back in their chest, and packing their clothes into their cupboard. This divide and conquer approach will help your kid see that cleaning their room isn’t all that hard after all.

Create a chore chart

A great way to remind your child of their responsibilities and keep them accountable is to create a chore chart and display it somewhere they will see it each day. Listing their chores in order from morning to evening will also help create a routine, making their daily chores just another part of their day. These chores might include making their bed, picking up their toys, and packing their dishes into the dishwasher (just be sure to supervise with this one as to avoid any run-ins with sharp objects).
Keep them on track by rewarding them with a sticker or treat for every day or week that they complete all their chores.

Make a game of it

One way to encourage your little one to get involved in the cleaning is to make it more fun. This could mean imaginative role play, where your child acts as a professional cleaner, and you respond as their grateful client. It could also mean setting challenges or a competition between siblings to see who can pick up the most toys in a minute.
Another simple way to make chores more enjoyable is to make a fun cleaning playlist with all their favourite songs, so they can sing and dance while they clean.

Do it together

Cleaning with your kids is a great way to turn what might be boring chores into a family activity. Get stuck in and do the cleaning with them to show them how it’s done. Cleaning with your kids is not only a fun way to speed up the process, but it also offers an opportunity to bond with your child.

Now that your kids are on top of the cleaning, get them involved in the kitchen for some cooking fun!

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