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Choosing & washing types of glasses

Get the lowdown on various drinking glasses & how best to wash them in our complete guide to the right glass. more

Hard-to-wash dishes made easy

Not all leftovers are a welcome sight. Here’s how you can deal with the hardest to wash foods on your dishes… more

A Detox Of A Different Kind

If your dishwasher isn’t performing like it used to, then it might be time you tried this simple solution… more

Stacking your dishwasher for...

Have you ever found yourself re-stacking the dishwasher after someone in the family hasn’t done it your satisfaction more

Tips from the expert: How to keep...

Follow these expert tips on how to keep your glasses shiny for longer wash after. more

Get your dishwasher Christmas ready

Take the hard work out of those special holiday meals with the right Finish products and spend more time with your family and friends. Discover the perfect options for you here. more

Brilliant Clean with Less Chemicals

You can get outstanding Finish results with less harsh chemicals. Sounds too good to be true? Read all about it here. more

Aussie's rate Hand Dishwashing Gel

We love to find out what real Australians think about our new products and how they use them. It’s the best way to make sure we are coming up with the best possible total dishwashing solutions for Aussie homes. more

The Ultimate Finish Quantum Test

To find out what Aussie families think of Finish Quantum we put it to the ultimate test. In partnership with we found 250 eager Taste Testers to sample Finish Quantum and share the results. Here’s what they had to say. more

Mums Review Finish Power & Pure

We wanted to find out what busy Australian Mums thought of new Finish Power & Pure. Three popular blogs found 100 readers to put it to the test with a 7-Day Detox Challenge. more